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Welcome to the KnightStory Wiki

The Oriental Fantasy 2D MMORPG‘KnightStory’

Heaven forces versus Hell minion just started on the Human world.

It’s your own epic tale with Various Magic, Job specialization through job change, Level up, Enchantment and collection of powerful equipment!

‘KnightStory’ aims specialized oriental MMORPG which is faithful to these basic elements.

You can become a lord of castle or honorable hero depend on your choice.

Now, ‘KnightStory’ awaits new Knights.

Game Features

SD Style 2D Oriental Fantasy KnightStory !!!

● Interesting Storytelling based on Ancient myth

● Splendid & Powerful combat Action of SD style 2D character

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● Cute & Gore(Option) Style

● Various Contents

→ Character appearance customizing, Auction, Rotation,

Gathering materials, Manufacturing materials, PvP,

Various quests, Party hunting, War system, Guild and so on

● Politics, economy, culture is combined as one

● More than 100 Maps, 50 NPCs, 30 Skills(Per each Job)

Latest activity

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